Innovation At Work

Dunti LLC   is envisioned as a technology innovation company providing innovative solutions to the problems faced by the industry. Dunti has developed breakthrough solutions for networking industry pain-points like rising costs, threats from hackers, security breach, and energy consumption. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions to critical problems, enabling customers to increase their productivity while dramatically reducing costs. Our futuristic solutions provide unparalleled features and performance while leveraging on customers' current infrastructure investments.

Dunti’s next generation technologies provide solutions for:

  1. Carrier Market: Dunti’s innovative solution helps network infrastructure providers to dramatically lower their operating costs, power consumption, and capital costs while increasing performance and productivity. Dunti also providesPreventive Security that practically eliminates transport security breaches.
  2. Secure Enterprise Market: Dunti provides breakthrough security mechanisms that prevent security breaches from both inside and outside hackers.
  3. SCADA and Financial Markets: Dunti enables 'thin-client' type secure communication over public networks such as the Internet and POTS. Dunti brings the added advantages of high uptime and low maintenance.
  4. Wireless Markets: Dunti provides unprecedented security to wireless networks by protecting data integrity and preventing session hijacking. Dunti also provides end-to-end wireless connectivity including wireless mesh networking.
  5. High-end Computing: Dunti is developing innovative interconnect technologies that enable low cost, high performance communication between compute nodes for massively parallel processing systems, collaborative computing, and grid computing.