Innovation At Work
Dunti's innovative solutions provide next generation solutions

Intelligent Architecture ™: Dunti introduces a novel network architecture based on an innovative packet transport mechanism that increases the performance and throughput of networks while dramatically reducing the operating and capital expenses. It enhances the performance of all popular protocols (TCP/IP, Ethernet, ATM) while retaining complete compatibility. This technology is completely transparent to the users and can co-exist with networks of today.

Preventive Security™: Dunti provides unique integrated security mechanisms to networks. In contrast to popular security mechanisms of today that are reactive, Dunti’s security is preventive in nature. Rather than reacting to security breaches after identification and generation of security patches, Dunti's Preventive Security™ provides protection from security breaches due to hacker attacks and/or spoofing attempts. It enables guaranteed secure data transmission as well as unrivalled secure access control and authentication.

Secure Public Network Connectivity (SPNC)™: Dunti provides a secure environment for communication amongst distributed locations to form a secure virtual private communication environment over public network. SPNC can be deployed in applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, manufacturing facilities, as well as financial networks including ATMs.

End to End Connectivity: Dunti Network™: provides a solution to all segments of the network enabling end-user to end-user connectivity. It can be deployed in wired LAN, MAN, and WAN as well as wireless WLAN, WMAN, and WWAN network segments. Dunti’s technology can be used to provide connectivity for parallel processing systems, collaborative computing, and grid computing.